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When I first found out about Red Skin Syndrome, I started searching the Internet to see if there were other people who had gone through topical steroid withdrawal. I found a lot of blogs and as time goes on, more and more blogs are popping up as people find out the truth about their "incurable eczema." Many of these blogs are great resources for those going through/learning about RSS. Since so many of the titles are similar, I am also including the name of the blogger with their blog title and a description if there is one.


Anti-Steroid, Topical Steroid Withdrawal by sugarcrust | link
"A painful journey to get steroids out of my life."

TSWEczema, Topical Steroid Withdrawal//Red Skin Syndrome by measitis | link
"Documenting my journey towards an eczema free life!"

Topical Steroid Withdrawal by louise uk | link (Great resource! Has a ton of info about what you should expect.)
"This blog follows my journey as I quit topical steroids for my eczema. I will chart my observations during the weeks that follow."

Tomatoskingirl by tomatoskingirl | link 

The Open Door by katy | link (Not RSS-specific; posts are about her family and adorable toddler!)

The Boy, The Greek Fire, and Me by kelou | link (Blogger's son is now healed!)

Miss Kitty Fantastico Beats Eczema by Miss Kitty Fantastico | link
"Updates, articles, resources and general musings on the management, and ultimate defeat, of my atopic eczema and addiction to topical corticosteroids, through the process of Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)."

The Big Itchy by johnboy | link

Skin of Rose - Red Skin Syndrome by Tommy | link
"This blog is about things I discovered through my Red Skin Syndrome mainly for my own record purpose and a hope to get connected with people with the same skin problem."

Scratchy Monster by Kristina | link (Blogger's daugther is now healed!)

Red Man Skin by Josh S | link
"My recovery diary from red skin syndrome - Where addiction to cortisone cream had turned my face, hands, feet & arms red. September 2012, at 28yo I am video documenting the horrific affects of cutting cortisone from my system cold turkey."

Pink Like A Beacon by pinklikeabeacon | link
"Topical Steroid Withdrawal- Taking it one day at a time"

Topical Steroid Withdrawal by megs | link

Laleizal by laleizal | link

Kline's Topical Steroid Hell by Loren | link
"Kline's road from out of control eczema to topical steroid withdrawal to healing."

Itchy, Red, and Miserable by Jason |- link

Healing the Red by Mariella | link
"A blog about topical steroid withdrawal."

Healing Red Skin Syndrome & Steroid-Induced Eczema by Rochelle | link (Blogger is now healed!)

Healing Eczema and Cortisone Withdrawal Symptoms by Libby & Jake | link 
"In hope that we can help another- Doctors and Dermatologists are now finding their careless prescriptions of Cortisone to suppress the symptoms of eczema are affecting thousands of eczema patients world wide. This is the process of my partner withdrawing from Cortisone, as he now has Steroid Induced Eczema. There are many people who have looked beyond the narrow mind of our medical model and achieved a higher quality of skin without immunosuppressant drugs."

Hannah's Journey of Topical Steroid Withdrawal by Hannah | link

Eczema Excellence by eczemaexcellence | link
"Making every day excellent, even in the face of eczema."

Eczema Struggles by flutterytealeaves | link
"Eczema treatments and skincare solutions."

Eczema or Not by Jonathan R | link  (Blogger is now healed!)
"This blog explains how I cured my eczema."

Eczema Help by leaf | link (Blogger does not have RSS/TSA, but still very interesting!)

Eczemancipated by HP | link
"Enduring Eczema and Red Skin Syndrome with a Twist of Lyme…"

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