Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Notice

I'm going on a little weekend getaway and I'm packing for my flight. I'm packing my little 3-1-1 liquid bag and I realized that...

There is nothing in it for eczema.


A little thing of EVOO to wash my face with, contact solution, makeup, conditioner, hair product...

Pre-TSW I would have been struggling with all the lotions and potions I used to keep my skin from being too dry...I also would have packed a tube of topical steroids...I would not have packed sundresses and shorts, either!

During the really bad part of TSW, I would have been on Google trying to find out if Vaseline counts as a liquid and if I bring a homemade cream in a unmarked jar, would that look suspicious to airport security? And frankly, I probably would be a wreck right now and ready to cancel my trip, too scared of getting crazy itchy on the plane, not having my usual creature comforts (like a bathtub, an ice pack, a bucket of palm oil) to get me through the itch, totally exhausted from not getting enough sleep. I would be packing one of my giant men's button down shirts that I often slept in.

But instead...

I'm just packing normal things -- well, I guess some people would not consider the EVOO or the Primal Pit Paste to be "normal" toiletries, but a giant family-size jar of Vaseline would definitely be less normal! I'm more worried about my carry-on being small enough than needing to manically claw up my skin on the plane, trying to squash the itch that cannot be caught.

I'm not totally healed, but my skin is okay enough and my life is pretty normal. Seemed impossible six months ago.

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