Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 57: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

Here's what's been happening:

June 15-23: I went to the beach. I was nervous about it with my skin, but it was pretty great and just what I needed. The morning of the drive down, I woke up with elephant hands - swollen rolls of skin on my hands. It was strange.

The ocean water felt awesome on my skin. I was worried so I just put a hand in first to see what would happen. Nothing happened!

After a couple days, the flaring died down a LOT. I was less itchy, less dry and barely red at all. Well, barely red to me -- people who weren't me still thought it was really red. I got asked if I had a sunburn a bunch of times. Nope! It's just my skin.

On the drive home from the beach, I got progressively redder. The norther I got, the redder I became. 

After a couple days home, I was right back to where to I started. I wondered if maybe being in the ocean and the humidity had helped. So I've been taking epsom salt baths and using a humidifier in my bedroom. It probably doesn't help. A couple days ago (day 52), I woke up with elephant hands again. Then for one day, my skin was a little better. Then I was back to "the new normal" aka red itchy scaly dragon. 

I accidentally scratched my face and neck really badly so I'm trying to be very careful. I read on another blog that moisturizing too much can be a bad thing so I've decided to cut down on that and see what happens. Today is my second day and my hands are so tight that I can't flex them. I keep feeling a stabby tingle on my arms. It feels like falling into a pine tree and getting poked by all the needles.

I have had some trouble sleeping and even when I get enough sleep, I've been exhausted.

Next week, I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' house for the first time. I hope I stop being such a dragon by then!

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