Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 60: This Sucks!

I'm officially 2 months in.

I'm scared that I don't actually have RSS - what if I really do have incurable lifelong eczema and I'm just making everything worse by doing this? 

My hands hurt so bad I can't even explain it. It's like... You know how you crash a bike and skid across the pavement, skinning your hands and legs? Or how you sit in an awkward position for too long and your leg falls asleep? Have you ever fallen into a pine tree and got stabbed by all its needles? And you know that throbbing after you run your shin into a table leg? And of course, burning like a sunburn. It's like all of those at once every single time I move my hands. It hurts and it's hard to even think straight sometimes.

It's an ugly ugly sight.

My hands used to have a clear demarcation line, stopping right at the wrist, but now the borders are moving, red scaly skin climbing up my arms to meet the red scaly patches that were already on my forearm. My eyes were so swollen today and it hurts to blink because my eyelids are so tight and dry. It's all over the back of my legs, shoulders, back, ears, everywhere!

I am a mess.

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