Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 123 (photos)

I am officially at 4 months! I can't wait to be at 6...then 8....then 12...until this is all just a vague memory! :)

FACE: Face has been okay for a while. My trouble areas are my chin and eyelids, but even those aren't that bad. You probably wouldn't think much of it if you saw me. Maybe that I looked tired, but that's about it. My chin and jaw are flaky and itchy. It's really hard for me to NOT scratch there but I try to because the skin breaks so easily there. My ear lobes are flaky and like to ooze, so that's fun.

NECK: Pinkish red like the rest of me but itches only rarely. This is the place my TSW rash spread out from and it was the last place that got TS.

Unforunately, it only goes downhill from there! My trunk is covered in red itchy skin. The tops of my thighs and backs of my legs are, too. My arms are very pinkish red and sooooo itchy all the time. My hands are just plain gnarly looking. I started a serious shed today so there are huge flakes falling off me all the time...most of them are coming from my hands.

This last picture shows the palm of my hand. Sorry about the lightening differences. The color in the palm picture is most accurate, though. Also see that circle on my palm? THAT is what makes me doubt myself and wonder if I'm on the right course with TSW. It seems like nearly all those with TSW have a clean palm, whereas rashy! It was a small perfect circle in the middle of both parms but has spread. The derm I saw said rashes get bigger because of scratching. I don't know if I agree in general but I think that might be the case with my palms because the itch there is awful and the skin tears up really easily if I scratch. 


  1. My hand was exactly the same as yours for a long time. At nearly 10 months, my hand looks almost normal, so hang in there. X

  2. Posted a before an after of my hand for you Brista to prove to you it IS tsw.