Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 179: Could Be Worse, I Guess

I was in a wedding over the weekend. I was at the end of my flare so my face was not very red and I wasn't too itchy. Since it was an outdoors wedding in November in Ohio, the bridesmaids wore cardigans. Thankfully! Unfortunately, the photographer had us take some photos without our cardigans so I'm sure I'll see my red red hands and arms in a wedding Facebook album soon. But I made it, wasn't too itchy or too flaky and that is all very good! In the future, I'll just look back at the pictures and be thankful I'm healed and no longer have red skin!

Sunday and Monday I've had a very very flaky face which sucks but I can deal with it. I noticed that my skin had a very bad smell, though. Those of you with TSW probably have experienced the same super awkward symptom. Sort of yeasty/metallicy/yucky. Anyway, I've noticed it before but not as intensely so I took a bath tonight with 1 c apple cider vinegar and washed with coconut oil. That is supposed to help kill bacteria. Now I don't have that weird smell so maybe it worked.

I feel like I've been perpetually flaring this whole time with times of "I'm better but still having symptoms even though they are not as intense." I know a lot of people get true breaks around 6 months and since I'm just a few days away from it, I hope I do soon!

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